My name is RUNE, and I like to make comics. I hope you enjoy looking around!



MAY 12 2022: Changed tumblr blog to an embed, which I like more.

MAY 10 2022: New webcomic buttons, new music section, new music post, and, as always, rearranging!

APR 29 2022: Even more rearranging.

APR 24 2022: My friend helped me add JS that changes the color of the site background depending on the time of day. Come back later to see how it changes!

APR 22 2022: More rearranging. Edited CSS, added color, broke navbar!

APR 12 2022: Did a little more rearranging, implemented tumblr.

FEB 24 2022: Continued working on comic and sketchbook pages.

FEB 13 2022: Started making the sketchbook section.

FEB 10 2022: Added my two webcomics to the site, and updated CSS!

JAN 01 2022: Happy new year! Edited CSS and page content today.

DEC 28 2021: Worked more on CSS redesign and general page content.

NOV 21 2021: Decided to use this site as my main blog and webcomic host!