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A compilation of web links, art resources, affiliate links, sites I think are kinda cool, and webcomics I read (or want to read). Enjoy browsing!

⧉ About Web Cultivation

This is a bit of an aside, but I think it's also important in the modern era to reintegrate "internet browsing" into our repertoire. And no, I don't mean undirected social media feed-scrolling time - I mean internet browsing - can you really be browsing *the* internet from twitter and tik tok (and even tumblr) alone? Reclaiming the web from social media isn't going to be somehting that will just happen if we all desire it enough - we have to do it! That means getting into RSS feeds, spending time on forums, and deliberately curating folders of bookmarks for visiting. It means engaging with each other off of major platforms. The indie web revival scene is bustling - creatives have their own webpages! Visit them, read them, link back to them! Make your own website! Cultivating your own web experience isn't easy. It's purposeful and time consuming - but endlessly rewarding!

☻ My Status

✸ My Buttons

Buttons for my main website, comic pages, and UTAU page - for your use, if you want to link to my website for whatever reason!

Runegod Website Button Runegod Website Button Runegod Website Button Runegod Website Button Runegod Website Button

☀ Neighbors

The websites of people I know, either my friends or online mutuals!

☁ Other Web & Neocities

Random websites that have buttons (or don't!) that I enjoy. Many of these are art focused or web design focused, but not all.

Status Cafe

✐ Webcomics

Webcomics that I either actively enjoy or hope to actively enjoy soon (e.g. not read yet...) I'm hoping to add to this section soon!

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