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Hi, I'm Rune! I'm a comic artist that likes to create images. I love to seethe and hate tomatoes. I keep freshwater shrimp as a hobby. That's about it. On this page you can find some so-called "information". But watch out!

Blog Entries

Here are some short articles that you might find helpful. I like to write about making art and speeding up my digital art workflow.

DEC 12 2023Art Resource Roundup #1
JAN 05 2024Batch Scripts for Digital Artists
??? ?? 2024Using ImageMagick to Edit Comics


Q: Is reposting or editing your art OK?
A: Yes, with credit!

Q: Can I translate your comics/games?
A: Yes, feel free! Please let me know if you want me to send you any resources that may help you, like raw comic page files.

Q: Can I use your art for commercial (for-profit) reasons?
A: No, unless you commissioned me and we discussed this explicitly.

Q: Do you do art professionally?
A: Nope, I am a filthy casual.


I contain multitudes, but only three of them. If you want to see more of my characters, you can check my toyhou.se account.


An alchemist fairy that likes to draw BL in his ancient tome.


A rusty crayfish mad scientist that likes ferric iron.


Also known as KD, short for "kitty dragon". My fursona.

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