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My Roomie's an E-Girl

My Roomie's an E-Girl 2020-Now 400+ pg Romance / BL UPDATING

A wholesome queer romance romp between two hopelessly cringe gamers - one of whom moonlights as a wildly successful E-Girl twitch streamer.

Off the Table

OFF THE TABLE 2015-Now 343+ pg Slice of Life HIATUS

A gijinka design project and 4koma webcomic featuring characters based off the Periodic Table of Elements and other chemistry concepts.


PANDEMIC 2015-2018 469 pg Horror COMPLETE

Desmond lives a boring everyday until a mysterious new transfer student arrives in his life.

My childhood friend and I use the bathroom simultaneously?!

MCFAIUTBS?! 2022 1 pg BL One-shot

Worlds best BL comic ever made. (A joke).

2022 Hourlies

2022 Hourlies 2022 5 pg Hourlies One-shot

My 2022 hourlies from Hourly Comic Day.

Frog in a Pot

frog in a pot 2020 3 pg Observational One-shot

Reflections on climate change in the midst of the pandemic.

Let's go Sample Sparkling Bog

let's go sample sparkling Bog 2019 1 pg Observational One-shot

A short retrospective diary comic reflecting on my experiences in the field.

2019 Hourlies

2019 Hourlies 2019 2 pg Hourlies One-shot

My 2019 hourlies from Hourly Comic Day.


Backstitch 2019 10min Horror Animation

My entry for the Valentines Fanime Challenge 2019, about a small-town detective and his secret admirer.

Pick up the Pencil

Pick up the Pencil 2019 1 pg ??? One-shot

Illustrated short poem.

Controlled Burn

controlled burn 2019 1 pg ??? One-shot

Short comic about the relationship between nostalgia and scent.

Off the Table: the RPG

Off the Table: 2018 1hr Puzzle RPGMaker

A short puzzle game based off the Off the Table world and characters.

A Dissertation on the Sentimentalities of Space Junk

Dissertation on Spacejunk 2018 4 pg ??? One-shot

A trans metaphor. My favorite work that I have made to date.


ash 2018 1 pg Observational One-shot

Observations from a field excursion.

Warm in the Woods

warm in the woods 2018 4 pg Horror One-shot

A poem about the woods.


dreadflight 2018 1 pg Observational One-shot

Reflections on studying in the field.


SOW 2018 4 pg ??? One-shot

Feelings about art and the artistic process.


heartstrings 2018 15 pg Romance? One-shot

About playing guitar.


la'kura 2017 12 pg Horror One-shot

My high school AP studio art submission; a comic about a young man on a mission to cure himself.

Planetary Protectors Entomon

地球防衛エントモン 2017 1 pg Sci-fi / "Sentai" One-shot

A squad of insect-themed superheroes "Planetary Protectors Entomon" take on a giant beast attacking earth. A one-page comic challenge.

The Sword

The Sword 2016 7 pg ??? One-shot

Transgender vent comic I made when I was 16 and full of angst.

Starboy and Milo

Starboy and Milo 2016 10 pg BL / Romance One-shot

A short intergalactic romance story between a cosmonaut and the universe.


flatline 2016 20min Horror RPGMaker

An RPGMaker horror game experience - my first game.

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