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I'm new to making music, but it's been super fun, so I decided to start sharing it. I enjoy making music based on science metaphors with UTAUloid vocals, but I also play classical guitar!


I provide MP3 files for all my music, as well as WAVs, intrumentals, and UST/USTx files where applicable here! My work is free to listen to, download, make covers of, and reupload with credit.


UTAU and it's spiritual successor OpenUTAU are tools that resample individual (or stringed) recordings of phonemes to produce a singing affect, similar to Vocaloid, but free to use! UTAU hobbyists usually record their own voice and draw their own character designs to produce an UTAU character and voicebank, which they then put up for download for others to use. I often use my own UTAU 災堕スミ / Sumi Sider as well as my friend's UTAU 港歌コリ / Cory Kouka.


worlds end ft. 災堕スミ 4:32 120BPM
remember 2:54 ???BPM
∛xylem 1:45 110BPM
CRYOLITE ft. 港歌コリ 4:52 120BPM
bloody artifact ft. 災堕スミ 6:04 100BPM
blueshift ft. 災堕スミ 1:55 150BPM

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