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TUNEZ BY RUNEGOD (ft. 災堕スミ / Sumi Sider)
VOLUME : ▮▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯

✷ UTAU 災堕スミ

Vocals in a majority of my original songs are by 災堕スミ / Sumi Sider, my UTAU, whose voicebank(s) are available for public download (click the CD!).


My work is free to listen to and download (DL button below).

For UTAU originals, instrumentals and USTX files are available for others to make covers if interested. USTX files are meant for use in OpenUTAU. Try UtaFormatix for convertion to UST/VSQ, etc.

My USTX files utilize OpenUTAU phenomizers and thus phenome timings are not baked into the UST - only the lyrics, note timings, and tuning is.

Use of my work to create vocal synth covers (or other covers) is permitted (and encouraged!) but attributrion is required. Thank you!


worlds end ft.災堕スミ █ 4:32 █ 120BPM DL / INST / LYR / USTX
remember █ 2:54 █ ???BPM DL / INST / LYR / USTX
∛xylem █ 1:45 █ 110BPM DL / INST / LYR / USTX



USTs/ USTX files made for non-original songs will be listed here.

Prisionero - Miranda! (JPN VCV)


A playlist of my original songs as posted on my Youtube.

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