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TUNEZ BY RUNEGOD (ft. 災堕スミ / Sumi Sider - my UTAU!)

My work is free to listen to, download, and reupload. I also provide instrumentals (where applicable) as well as UST/USTx files for download. These can be used to make vocal synthesis / UTAU covers, if you feel so inclined. The download link to the right of each song will include a .zip bundle with the song .mp3, .wav, a .txt with lyrics, and other applicable files (if it just downloads an mp3/wav, then it's a WIP, haha). Enjoy!

Lots (but mayyybe not all?) of the vocals in my songs are made using the UTAU vocal synthesis software, a "free alternative to Vocaloid". UTAU and it's spiritual successor, OpenUTAU, are tools that resample individual (or stringed) recordings of phonemes to produce a singing affect. In this way they are more akin to program-assisted soundbyte splicing rather than more modern singing synthesis methods, which usually rely on AI (however there is overlap, and some UTAU users dabble in AI as well). UTAU hobbyists usually record their own voice and draw their own character designs to produce an UTAU character and voicebank, which they then put up for download for others to use. I often use my own UTAU, Sumi Sider (災堕スミ / Sumi Sider) as well as my friend Jordan's UTAU, Cory Kouka (港歌コリ / Cory Kouka).

worlds end ft.災堕スミ 4:32 120BPM
remember 2:54 ???BPM
∛xylem 1:45 110BPM
bloody artifact 6:04 100BPM

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