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A comic about how art feels. I have never been particularly hard-pressed to engage in art studies to the point of self-flagellation. I have also always been rather uninterested in doing art with the point of it being "good" - I am more interested in drawing what I want, when I want. Being a hobbyist makes this much easier!

In some ways, this lack of formal study has made me less advanced than my artist peers. However, I live in a way that makes it a joy to sit down at my desk and draw. I would not risk trading any kind of formal study for unbridled joy.

You can tell that this comic comes at a point in my life where I am trying to draw adults instead of teenagers. I was not very good at it, and I still am not - but I don't mind taking the scenic route in my journey to get better. What can I say! I'm lazy, it's great.

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