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I drew this comic over the course of a few hours when I was 16, and I am still immensely proud of it considering my age and skill level at the time. I'm not often very proud of my work, or I'll find it distasteful, amateur, or poorly executed after the fact (be it days, weeks, etc). Not to say that I don't think this comic is clumsy in some ways (such as pacing, art, etc) - it is. I just think it doesn't matter.

I think the thing that I find most interesting about this comic of mine was that it was, essentially, completely unplanned and unscripted; I simply drew as I went. These days, I wouldn't dare approach a comic project without scripting or thumbnailing multiple pages first. I didn't really have a goal in mind, I just drew based on impulse. I think, because of that, the result is very organic and true to myself - or at least who I was at the time. I would venture to say that I was quite the hopeless romantic at age 16. And now, maybe. Perhaps that is why I still like it so much.

I've been thinking about revisiting these two. Even though these characters were intended to be adults at the time (I think their canonical ages were ~19 for Milo and. Well, infinity for Starboy) my hyper-chibi, cutesy art style really makes them look childish, and I think really pegs the comic as "clearly made by a 16 year old". This is something I struggled a lot with when I was a teenager. I still do err too much on the chibi side when I draw sometimes. Anyway - I think I'd like to draw them again and/or revisit the designs. It's rare that I invent OCs and never revisit them or their story, so these two are oddballs in that I've never drawn them outside of this comic (I think). I feel like I owe it to them.

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