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A short website update log. Some old updates have been lost to time so I went back and guessed at them. Of course, a lot of the content that I talk about on this page is no longer on the site... because I am indecisive and always rearranging stuff! At some point this was just a log of strictly website updates... but I think I want to turn it into a general update log for art and project endeavors, too!

SEP 11 2023Website has been overhauled with a new comic page theme, deviating from the previous kind of colorful "sticker" theme. All or most broken content links should now be fixed.
APR ?? 2023Mostly kept with one main "sticker"-y theme. Kept this one for a while... and stopped recording updates for some reason! Ugh!
SEP 04 2022Design overhaul! New CSS that I like more - a minimal kind of flat-color theme, instead of a more pixelated one.
MAY 12 2022Changed tumblr blog to an embed, which I like more.
MAY 10 2022New webcomic buttons, new music section, and new music post!
APR 29 2022Even more rearranging.
APR 24 2022My friend helped me add JS that changes the color of the site background depending on the time of day. Come back later to see how it changes!
APR 22 2022More rearranging. Edited CSS, added color, broke navbar!
APR 12 2022Did a little more rearranging, implemented a tumblr iframe to show off my art.
FEB 24 2022Continued working on comic and sketchbook pages.
FEB 13 2022Started making a sketchbook section.
FEB 10 2022Added my two webcomics to the site, and updated my CSS!
JAN 01 2022Happy new year! Edited CSS and page content today.
DEC 28 2021Worked more on CSS redesign and general page content.
NOV 21 2021Decided to use this site as my main blog and webcomic host!
NOV 08 2021Domain has been transferred to neocities, which acts as a "splash page" and links to my major webcomics.
NOV 20 2020Runegod.net domain has been purchased and applied to my tumblr blog.

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