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I'm Rune! I like to draw comics, BL, horror, and sci-fi. I thrive in brackish and cringe conditions, much like halobacteria. Finally, it is with a heavy heart that I must confess that I am unable to beat the gay allegations.

If you simply must know more about me, feel free to read all my comics and then make a informed guess about what kind of guy I am.


There's a metaphor I like to use some times to rationalize my thoughts about social media to myself. Being an artist on twitter or tumblr these days is a lot like tabling at an infinite convention. It's socially exhausting, even if you're having fun and talking to people you like (and that's if you're having fun in the first place. Having a personal blog is a lot more like publishing your own little zine or newspaper; communication of ideas without the prerequisite of an intensive social investment. So that's one reason I made this site!

The other reason is ineffably more frustrating: Webtoon and Tumblr keep taking down my stuff. An unforutnate byproduct of these gargantuan, million-dollar social media sites cracking down on user-submitted NSFW content on their platforms (in order to become more advertiser friendly, so that they can make money off the value of the very content that they censor) is that art works from queer and trans indie artists are getting disproportionately and hypocritically removed. So I also made this site so that I can post images of cartoon men kissing and transgender people existing without having the spirit of Capitalism Future manifest in my house and try to kill me and my family.


★ tumblr art blog (main social media)
kofi commissions & early comic access
twitter bird app, sketches, etc
youtube art, music and animations
insp blog tumblr blog (no art)
artfight maybe i'll actually play this year rarely used, oc hub
tapas webcomic posting account
webtoon webcomic posting account ... 2!


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I have a small discord where me and some others hang out and share art/music/etc. It's also a place where I talk more about my art projects / behind the scenes, so if you're interested in that kinda stuff, this is where you can find it. You're welcome to join if you feel so inclined as long as you adhere to the rules and help keep the place a pleasant and constructive art-sharing environment.

Please keep in mind my server is 16+. Please do not join if you are younger than 16. The server is SFW (strictly enforced), but there is a channel for my comic, MRAEG, which has suggestive content.


Q: Can I repost your art (including on pinterest, etc)?

A: YES with credit. Please don't repost on tumblr, though, just reblog. And you don't have to ask beforehand.

Q: Can I use your art in edits/AMVs?

A: YES with credit, and please show me, I'd love to see!

Q: Can I use your art as an icon/banner?

A: YES, and credit is appreciated if you feel so inclined, but not needed.

Q: If I see someone online reposting your art, do you want to know?

A: YES, but only because I'm nosy and I'd like to see, LOL.

Q: Can I print out your art / use it for personal use?

A: YES, if you want! As long as you're not selling stuff with my art on it.

Q: Can I repost your comics?

A: NO, please don't host my complete comics (in their entirity - sharing art from a few pages or panels is OK) on other sites. They're free to read and available on multiple platforms, please respect this.

Q: Can I make a comic dub of one of your comics?

A: YES, and please show me if you do!

Q: Can I translate your comics/games?

A: YES! If you are interested in translating my works, I can provide you with hi-res images, and I can host your (comic) translation on my site!

Q: Can I draw fanart of your characters?

A: YES, and I would love to see it if you do. But be normal for the love of god, and please do not draw explicit art of my OCs.

Q: Can I use your art for commercial reasons?

A: NO, unless you commissioned me and we discussed this explicitly. This does not include using art for branding / videos / streaming - that is permitted for art that you have commissioned from me.
If you have not commissioned a piece from me, you may not use it for any commercial purposes.

Q: Are you open for commissions?

A: You can check my availability through my kofi!

Q: Do you take Vtuber commissions anymore?

A: NO, sorry, and I can't take on new clients for the foreseeable future. Thanks for understanding.

Q: Do you do art professionally?

A: NO, I am a filthy casual.


Medibang Paint

Free for Windows / Mac / iOS. My current favorite art software: I am a ride or die Medibang Paint fan. It has amazing comic making tools(panel making tools, basic text editing, screentones, and guidelines for printing), decent default brushes, the ability to create custom brushes, and a simple but versatile user interface. Cloud feature allows for making backups of art/comic files as well as sharing between computer and iOS devices. I literally have never strayed from Medibang once I started using it.


Very similar to Medibang (as in, like, basically identical?); also free for Windows / Mac, but no iOS app (I think?). Basically, Medibang with a few extra filters, an animation option, and no comic making tools or cloud option. I use Firealpaca for making frame-by-frame animations, since Medibang doesn't have that option.

Bulk Rename Utility

Especially if you make comics, you might find yourself needing to rename batches of hundreds of files at a time. It is excruciating and time consuming to do this by hand, so just let bulk rename utility do it for you! Free for non-commercial use and easy to use. This program has saved me hours upon hours of work.


Bulk Resize Photos

Exactly what it says on the tin - this website works in your browser to resize a large number of images all at once. Doesn't require uploading or downloading any files, so slow internet connections and privacy concerns are nil!

Diamond Text-Break Comic Dialog

A program that takes script-style text input and outputs "diamond" shape text-broken comic dialogue. Makes it easy to letter comics in a program like Medibang!


Combine multiple PNG images into a single PDF file, with no limits to file size. Has more options than just PNG and PDF, check it out!


I advocate for rarebit elsewhere on my website, but I also want to mention it here. If you're interested in hosting a comic on a neocities or your own website, this template is indispensible (especially if you, like me, have no idea how to code it up yourself).


It may be obvious to some, but I built this website using Neocities, a free website maker! You need some knowledge of CSS and HTML to use it, but it's really rewarding and fun!


Dell XPS

I used to use a Windows Surface which sucked major ass and broke on me unexpectedly after only 3/4 years. This laptop seems to get the lob done with art well enough. I bought it for school, but It does just fine with running all the stuff I need it to.


I actually don't reccomend an iPad for art. I never really got used to it myself and I found the Apple pencil 1st gen to be kind of heavy. Much better than any other windows tablet or whatever, but I didn't like it as much as my cintiq. Maybe it's because I got an old, cheap model. I might try a new one in the future, but my cintiq is still working just fine, and I don't need to do digital art on the go or anything. Also, it's expensive. I actually use my iPad for making music more than anything else, haha.

Cintiq 13HD

My baby. Works like a charm. I'm way too used to it (after 7 years) to dare use another tablet. Weird wire situation, but I'm too loyal to it to diss it at all.




I used to be a big fan of dA back in the day when I was a preteen. This collection actually only started in 2019, though. Some of these stamps might have weird or odd messages, some I genuinely like, others I just find funny. It's a mixed bag! I am not the original creator of any of these stamps. If you like any, you can of course save them just as I did, but please don't hotlink these for my site's sake, thanks!