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Rune he/they Drawer Aesthete

Call me Rune, Mr. God was my father.
I like to draw comics, BL, horror, and sci-fi. I thrive in brackish and cringe conditions, much like halobacteria.


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Manga: Magic Knight Rayearth
Food: Chicken samosa
Drink: Selzer
Color: It changes!
Thing: Periodic table


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I host a small public discord server where I and others hang out, share art, and talk about my comics, science, vocal synth, and other stuff. Join us here!


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Q: Can I repost your art, use it as an icon, or use it in an edit?
A: YES with credit!

Q: Can I translate your comics/games?
A: YES! Please let me know if you want me to send you any resources that may help you.

Q: Can I draw fanart/write fanfiction of your characters?
A: YES and I would love to see it if you do! Please do not make or show me anything explicit with my underage OCs or if you yourself are underage though, thanks.

Q: Can I use your art for commercial reasons?
A: NO unless you commissioned me and we discussed this explicitly.

Q: Do you do art professionally?
A: NO I am a filthy casual.


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Medibang Paint My favorite free digital art application!

Bulk Rename Utility Rename entire batches of files quickly and efficiently!

Bulk Resize Photos Resize photos quickly, in batches.

Diamond Text-Break Comic Dialog Rearrange text breaks for comic dialogue.

Rarebit Easy-to-use webcomic host template. I use it on this website!

Neocities A free (or cheap) website builder. I am using it here!