A fourty-foot high storm surge crashes onto the coast, and somehow, someone, somewhere else, lives. Lull (stylized lUll) is a non-linear comic about living on and with the sea.


Hi, my name is Rune (short for RUNEGOD). This comic site is a subset of my personal site where I host all of my comics and art. Making my comics free-to-read is important to me, so I have recently abandonded Patreon and switched to self-hosting.

This site is hosted by Neocities, which is an amazing website-making tool that I would totally reccomend to anyone looking to make their own website. I am also using Rarebit, which is an amazing free, open-source webcomic template.

If you'd like to see more of my art or other comics (but be warned, my other longform comics are very unlike this one), you've come to the right place! Head on back to my main page runegod.net to explore more. Thanks for stopping by!