Off the Table is an ongoing character design project and a 300+ episode webcomic about the daily lives the elements of the periodic table (and other additional chemical species!). Each character reflects the chemical properties of the molecule they are based on with their appearance and personality.
For example, Helium, a noble gas, is an egotistical and standoffish rich kid with an affinity for the color lavender, while Phosphorus is a hot-headed, red-haired girl with a firey personality and somewhat toxic tendencies. Stick around and meet the other 118 + characters!


I initially started work on the project in 2013 (in high school), where I was inspired to create characters based off the elements of the periodic table during chemistry class. Though I hated chemistry at the time, due to the amount of math it required, I became interested in the elements themselves and learning about their unique properties - which seemed to me like they were all people with individual personalities!

As a tweenager I was very interested in web culture and involved in anime artist circles, such as those on deviantart, and had become familiar with the idea of gijinka 擬人化 (lit. "personification") from the Pokemon fandom. Thus I combined the two, and started drawing human periodic table elements.

It would take me around two more years to finally begin the webcomic portion of the project as it is now; I began drawing the comic in 2015, at age 15 - this is why the art for the beginning of the comic is so awkward! After about 4 years of consistent updates (and then a little bit of a hiatus, oops!), I redesigned all of the characters in 2021 in preparation for a pending "reboot" of sorts, which has yet to be realized because I ended up being adult-level busy. Oops!


This is the official webpage for OTT. You can also read the comic on Tapas and maybe, one day, on Webtoon (but not yet).


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Hi, my name is Rune (short for RUNEGOD). This is my personal site where I host all of my comics and art. Making my comics free-to-read is important to me, so I have recently abandonded Patreon and switched to self-hosting.


This site is hosted by Neocities, which is an amazing website-making tool that I would totally reccomend to anyone looking to make their own website. I am also using Rarebit, which is an amazing, free, open-source webcomic template.

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