When Wallace moves into his new freshman dorm at university, he discovers that his nerdy roommate, Joey, isn't just the boring, stereotypical gamer nerd guy that he appears to be. Instead, he lives a double life as his online alter-ego "Gl0ssey", a prolific twitch streamer and e-girl heartthrob.


The idea for MRAEG started in early 2020, when the author was met with the unfortunate realization that due to unnamed unforseen circumstances they had to return home from their study-abroad semester. In order to numb the pain and anxiety stemming from this unnamed unforseen circumstance, they started to write the BL that they've always not-so-secretly wanted to write but ultimately didn't have the resolve to before then. Because of when it was written, the comic is almost a bit of a time capsule of the E-girl era of 2020, which, surprisingly, already feels a bit dated...! The original comic was supposed to be around 30 pages, also. Oops!

My Roomie's an E-Girl is, in essence, a wholesome romantic romp about two gamers who fall in love. If you like tropes such as "and they were roomates" or "but there was only one bed", and dislike reading BL with heavy/intense drama, themes, or content, you may like MRAEG! No guarantees, though. It's preeeetty cringy.

MRAEG is a BL and thus contains occasional suggestive content (boyxboy don't like don't read). However, it is not a work of smut and does not contain pornographic material. Think PG-13, not R.

This is the official webpage for MRAEG. You can also read the comic on Tapas and Webtoon, but be warned that these mirrors may be missing pages, especially the Webtoon one. I unfortunately can't do anything about it, so I made this site so that people could still read the comic in its entirety.


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Hi, my name is Rune (short for RUNEGOD). This is my personal site where I host all of my comics and art. Making my comics free-to-read is important to me, so I have recently abandonded Patreon and switched to self-hosting.

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