My Roomie's an E-Girl is a trope-filled, wholesome, lighthearted, cringefest of a romantic romp about two gamers who fall in love. When Wali moves into his new freshman dorm at university, he discovers that his nerdy roommate, Joey, isn't just the boring, stereotypical gamer nerd guy that he appears to be. Instead, he lives a double life as his online alter-ego "Ql0ssey", a prolific twitch streamer and e-girl heartthrob.


MRAEG is intended to be lighthearted and is not intended to have any dark or heavy themes. However, there are brief mentions / depictions of drinking and a plethora of suggestive scenes (think PG-13) - it's a BL, after all. However, MRAEG does not and will not ever contain explicit 18+ material.


You can also read the comic on Tapas and Webtoon Webtoon, but be warned that these mirrors may be missing pages.

I am a hobbyist creator and do not have the time, resources, or funds to fairly pay translators (unfortunately). However, there are some volunteer fan projects that have started to translate MRAEG into languages besides English. I do not personally monitor the quality of these translations but I am exceedingly grateful to those who have taken the time and effort to make translated versions!

If you are interested in translating MRAEG into another language, reach out to me over social media. I can provide you with a zip file of pages to make typesetting faster/easier, and we can discuss reposting/hosting permissions.

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If you are interested in making fanworks of MRAEG, including but not limited to fanart, fan edits (including coloring comic pages or panels), and fanfiction, you are welcome to do so! My only request is that fans under 18 do not create, publish, or disseminate explicit content.


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